Return current consent information for a list of granules for the subject.

GET /v1/subjects/{type}/{subjectId}/granules?granules=granuleList

Returns current consent information for the subject for a list of granules. This API only works for granules where latest consent entry cancels older consent information. If there are more than one active consent records for any of the granules, those granules will not be returned, as it is not possible to determine which granule is active under what contex without the context information. The returned granule list can be limited with the comma-separated granules query parameter. If omitted, all granules will be returned.

type determines the subject type, usually user.


200 Ok

The response contains the granules, granule status, and user choices:

  "granules": {
    "granule1": {
      "value": true,
      "choices": {
        User choices
404 Not Found

Subject not found.